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Santos 🍊 @santosbullshit

Okay, I'm out.

Jack White lowkey the God.

Nah, I been laughing at this and the reactions for like an hour.

This shit a whole Seinfeld episode.


@earlteas lmao I'm just protecting you from trash people. I know my people.

@emergent_seas that's honestly what I try to achieve everyday. Identify and fight my privileges, I guess...

@earlteas I used to think about that as a kid.

Now the Whites would call it racist and shut it down.

@earlteas I was always like "how come they're from here but don't look like people from here" lmao

@emergent_seas yeah women always gotta do all the emotional labor of transforming men into not-so-shitty individuals while staying "loyal" to them. That's a standard. As a man, the whole thing is pretty sickening to think about it. Most be fucking depressing for women.

@earlteas in Venezuela legit there's only been 5 black/brown telenovela actors during my lifetime, and they always play criminals or servants.

@ghost yeah, without men people can actually focus on the loving part of love lmao

@earlteas mexican telenovela memes are the best tbh

@earlteas mmmm never thought of that. It's only right though. I think I'ma stop using them too.

@earlteas what's wrong with using those though?

@Killervalentine3 which is worse. Billy got a lotta self-deprecating art tbh. It's beautiful for the listener but worrisome at the same time.

@earlteas I'm against meme exploitation. idk bout you...