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julio santos, qommie @santosbullshit@mastodon.social

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Capitalism, yes

except not capitalism at all but communism

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I'm half asleep in my desktop.

This is me being euphoric

Sometimes I see beards that are so perfect that just by looking at them I feel sick smh

a chavista folk music act made a song 5 years ago called "You're a Turd" dedicated to people who left the country.

They in mexico right now

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“Do people actually use Mastodon?”

Nope. Nobody is here. Absolutely no one.

It's impossible for a white person to believe in capitalism and not believe in racism. You can't have capitalism without racism.
-- Malcolm X

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hetero people obsessed with pretending they hate their significant others is creepy

still, good advice is not always pleasant advice, but luck awaits on the other side

You ever feel a “thirst” for listening to an album in the same physical way you thirst for water?

isn't ramón the worst name in the history of ever?

se prendió esa mierda con masto 2.3.0

there should be an option to have a whole account be marked nsfw and an option to filter out those nsfw accounts

Daily reminder that communism is not about public ownership of the means of production. Public ownership of social means of production is a stupid legal fiction that only satisfies gullible fools.

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