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a qommie @santosbullshit@mastodon.social

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I'm half asleep in my desktop.

This is me being euphoric

qommies, beware of the scam of bourgeois democracy

twitter so fucking weird I swear

wtf is tweetdecking lol these people are strange

lol I'm not having any discourse on twitter

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person: you can really be friends with people who aren't as radical as you? couldn't be me

person, when comes out to the real world: wow, everything's so strange

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twitter sooooo weird sometimes

8 year old: hi
me: question everything anybody say to you, question everything!

I'm tryna sell my labor, get this lil pdf I just sent to your corporative email

harry styles is the goat, I'm sorry

I hate when people hate they hair smh

is it really so hard to understand that sometimes everybody is just shit

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