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Marcin Cieślak

What if we use ALT attribute on images to reveal true message instead?

@saper The idea is funny, but coopting an accessibility feature isn't too good.

@dredmorbius @kellerfuchs @saper

[ An advertising image saying Come to the Caribbean with a busty woman bathing on a beach, triggering a hormonal response in the viewer which links the idea of paying money to the tourism industry and obtaining sexual fulfillment. A well-known side effect of sex is romance, weddings, and children, whose respective industries also benefit from this ad. ]

@dredmorbius @kellerfuchs @saper (unfortunately I'd get fired if a client ever discovered I undermined their ads inside their website, so we're back to unethical capitalism again.)


"Spend too much money on fake touristification experiences while harming the environment with ugly ships in basically a large plastic container with bad wifi"

Yeah I have relatives that love cruise ships and I can never understand the appeal of these things. Maybe when I am 60, 70 etc.

@superruserr @saper Not to mention that cruise ships are giant, unregulated poop machines, wasteful and bad for the environment.

@saper Is this about that Danish thing where would-be grandmothers are encouraging their children to take vacations to tropical climates?

I don't actually know if this is a thing or just a joke.

@JordiGH Nice ad that fits the pattern :) I'd recommend watching "They Live" movie from 1988 to find out.


@saper @JordiGH I am still mad mastodon doesn't support magnet links.

@JordiGH @saper Today I learned the advertising phrase "ovulation discount" XD!