Marcin Cieślak

For everybody disappointed with today result in the European Parliament on A8-0245/2018 aka as Voss report on copyright reform please note:

1. The thing is not over yet
2. A lot can be done lobbying your local government
3. Just repeating buzzwords does not work
4. Use this opportunity to learn it all works: co-decision procedure, voting list, amendments ...

... because is still the best thing that could happen to the European Union.

The procedure:

Look at at the documents at the bottom. There are contributions from national parliaments as well.

Just saying "fuck the eu" is not going to make anything better.

@saper No. I was born in Britain and live in Prague. I recently opted for Irish (and thereby European) citizenship and though I can see all the faults of the European Union, I do not look forward to seeing either Britain or the V4 countries without it.

@saper That’s right. We have to actually fuck the EU.

@saper no, but it helps to get the frustration out. Screaming FU.

And then rolling up the sleeves, popping the knuckles and going in for another round of calls to MP, local politicians. Going for another rally against the crazy directives which don't change anything for the better for normal people.

@Kangar00 I am afraid the second part never happens in most cases :(

Venting off like this makes one vulnerable to "but you said X Y Z" discrediting attack.

@saper on the other hand, getting a strong reaction out might be the first step to take action. Not for everybody by a long shot.

I agree that venting instead of taking action doesn't help. But venting to kick yourself into action, I'm all for that.

EUPol, swearing Show more

EUPol, swearing Show more

EUPol Show more

@saper Can you provide me the the names and votes?

@Dekken It is not published yet as far as I know.
Some amendments were voted with names, so we should know some details.

I think it should be posted here soon:

(under Monday, 10 September 2018 - Thursday, 13 September 2018 Strasbourg)

@saper this is an abomination of formatting and esoteric extravagance

@Dekken It is a bit like learning what is BitTorrent, how it works and how to use it. It is pretty strange, inconvenient and convoluted, but one needs to learn if one wants to get things down- or uploaded.

There is some story behind the software that could be used to manage legal text + amendments (at4am) - it even got kind of released as a free software but meh

@saper how hard is

"Full name , yes/no/na"?

@Dekken There where hundreds of amendments being processed today. See the voting list I have posted earlier.

A8-0245/2018 - Axel Voss -
Proposition de la Commission
12/09/2018 13:03:19.00

is the last one but it is worth checking voting for changes to Article 13:

Vote 13. Article 13 - 277vs.372 (IMCO version)
Vote 14. Article 13 - 266vs.404
(Greens/EFA version)
Vote 15. Article 13 - 195vs.497
(deletion by GUE and EFDD)
Vote 16. is the version by Voss that passed 366vs.297

@saper I just seems needlessly obtuse - to to the point of security through obscurity

can't blame anyone if you don't know WTF is goingo n

@Dekken There is something to it. Keeping people away to let the lobbies do their work.

A sane UI layer on top of this would be great. Some orgs are doing this like from @LaQuadrature

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