I think social media needs much better time dependent actions. I want to mute somebody for a few weeks. I want to let somebody follow me for a few days but then block them unless they have written something that lets me believe they are not a bot. I want to block keywords temporarily. I want to be asked whether to renew temporary blocks with a longer time span. This is something clients have to do.


Since seeing the new editor of a local weekly newspaper is contemplating turning comments back on for their web edition, my thoughts have been turning in this direction, too.

Mostly, I'm wondering if some sort of synchronous delay system in article commentary might help. Combined possibly with some sort of karma-type system.

@deejoe I don't know about the karma. Do you think Reddit and Slashdot are significantly better? Or perhaps that simply encourages a different style.


I don't, no.

My models here are more Metafilter & Stack Overflow. More directed, more hands-on, less about being a general platform for anyone to spout off about anything.

@deejoe @kensanata to achieve that the issues need to be less coarse and more focused

@saper @kensanata

more focussed than what?

a local newsweekly?



all of the above?


@deejoe @kensanata To be very specific: I wonder if a local newspaper can achieve that kind of focus as Stack Overflow... Questions asked on SO are usually pretty narrow or specific enough not to get moderated away quickly. No idea how that could work for the newspaper.

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