If #Pinafore were available as a mobile app (iOS or Android), would you use it?

Note that the app would work exactely the same as in the browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome), but it would have its own app icon and would be downloadable from the App Store / Play Store.

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@pinafore I saw Pinafore already available for Nokia 8110 4G and its KaiOS friends on the so-called Banana store. For now I am using Mastodon's native interface - surprisingly usable on a very small screen

@saper Hmm I haven't finished making Pinafore available for KaiOS yet. Did somebody submit it for me? What's the banana store?

@pinafore filed two issues found when looking at the log; home page is the only one that displays menu icons, all other tabs do not have them; home page does not display text - maximal unzoom shows some lighter frame (probably only one of the div's is displayed). It is possible to blindly click "Add instance" button by observing the cursor changes.

@saper Yeah the issue there is with JavaScript compatibility. KaiOS is based on an old version of Firefox and almost all the new JavaScript syntax is broken. I have a special build for KaiOS to fix that, but haven't deployed it yet.


@pinafore Sorry, I wasn't aware of your progress towards old Firefox support. Much appreciated!

Happy to test the "special branch" once it is out...

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