@mntmn is HAB ROM enabled/visible on i.MX8 inside of the Reform? I know it's a blob :(

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@saper there’s a HAB recipe on boundary devices’ website but i haven’t tried it so far. mind this is i.MX8M, not i.MX8.

@mntmn IMX8MDQLQRM says it is there on i.MX8M, so one could probably use it on the Reform. Worse, Boot ROM is executed on boot and small part (4KB) cannot be downloaded for inspection (page 22, "Protected 4KB area"). But anyway, this is an absolutely amazing project, congratulations!

@saper need to check that. maybe possible to do something with JTAG?

@mntmn I doubt that but I have zero JTAG experience. Inversepath offers to dump the visible part of the ROM. According to AN12263 ROM Vector Table starts at 0x880 on i.MX8MQ so dumping starting from zero may work (don't know how big the i.MX8 ROM is).

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