People have no shame asking for "ETA on this" in free software bug trackers on Github.

"This is blocking our X or Y"

Pay for the support or GTFO

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@saper That is a very interesting sentiment. For what it’s worth, I agree and it’s why I mostly pay for software, services and support.

But, on first read it didn’t make much sense as I was thinking about the FOSS manifesto being based around... well.. being free. I think there is a general lack of awareness around the idea of software being free to use but paid when supported.

Perhaps there should be a new label: FOSUPSS (Free Open Source Use Paid Support Software).

@robert There is no such manifesto!

Nobody and nowhere said the free software comes with any form of support.

Stallman always pushed hard the NO WARRANTY line. Those sections of the GPL are in all caps for a reason.

You have the source, you have the possibility to hack but no more.

If you have issues you can't solve, talk in the open peer-to-peer community forum or find a consultant to help you.

Otherwise volunteer-based software development is not sustainable at all.

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