So, Slack has decided to shutdown IRC and XMPP interfaces.

Looks like no more slack for me!

@saper I figured this would happen at some point. it always seemed like they purposely made the IRC interface bad, too. when my company first switched to slack I used it over IRC but had to give it up when I was missing too many things.

@dthompson Fortunately in my group ppl were using it just like IRC, no snippets or other fancy things that I would have otherwise missed. But it wasn't used much either, even as a support channel (which Slack "discourages")

@saper it really sucks though because the Slack web UI is a real resource hog and I'm constantly frustrated by how slow it is.


Embrace, Extend, Extinguish is alive and well in the valley.

@kaniini not sure if they ever "embraced" IRC. I would have been using it very rarely if I didn't have IRC gateway. There were also opinions on the net that Slack was the only thing pulling nerds off , but I think that trend might have stopped.

Fortunately is going strong


freenode is a whole owned subsidiary of a VPN corporation since 2015. same situation as slack.

@kaniini yes, it's a centrally managed network, not a casual IRC one. But maybe I can live with that (as an alternative of it going down completely).

@calvin @kaniini yeah, looking forward to community to buy freenode out

@saper Fuck. Explains why parts of me dropped offline recently.

@saper Do you have a source for this? The official blog seems silent on the issue.

@samis @nikola @saper Much appreciated! I was looking at that page a few weeks ago and the notice wasn't there. That's quite sad, but very expected.

@samis @nikola This is from the IRC Message Of The Day:

Hello! We have news to share — we've decided it's
time to close down the IRC and XMPP gateways to Slack.

After years of evolving, Slack is at the point where
the gateways can no longer handle all of our features


@nikola @samis

If you've been using the gateways for accessibility
reasons, we're glad to let you know that it's now
possible to navigate Slack by keyboard and with a
screen reader — and we're making more improvements
on a continual basis.


@samis @nikola

Still, we know this is a disruptive change, and we
want to help with this transition in any way we can.
Please follow this link to learn more about the
upcoming changes:

(login required)

@nikola @samis I got reconnected on Web Mar 7 17:53 UTC 2018 that's when I saw it for a first time (it might have been forced disconnect)

@saper @nikola @samis what if the accessibility reason is "your client is fucking garbage?" 🤔

@saper and all the arguments/posts/articles that 'you can just use the gateway if you don't like the webshit app' disappear into the void.

@saper probably because IRC and XMPP doesn’t consume 101% of your CPU

@saper @technomancy mattermost is open source and has a gateway. Wonder what it would take to make it as popular?

@photex @saper dunno, I have no idea why anyone uses slack unless it's a requirement for work, so I'm the wrong person to ask. (I mean, there must be reasons but I don't understand them)

@technomancy @photex @saper I use one for a group of friends because oftc is blocked by a couple of folks ISP, although now perhaps we should look into an alternative.

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