I bought Douglas Engelbart's biography via the Midtown Scholar Bookstore from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania midtownscholar.us/ and it took only 14 days to ship it to Germany via US Priority mail

I translate this toot of @horatiorama with a special dedication to our fediverse friends discussing

This is a burning of on 9th November 1938. Dreadful times of a national socialist rule should never be forgotten! Already during that time some heroes were raising up against the regime. It is our turn today to stand up to fascism and racial prejudice.


Spotted at one of my customers' site:

The good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from

I have trouble understanding this description of the shift-reduce parsing as given by Niklaus Wirth in his "Compiler Construction" book ethoberon.ethz.ch/WirthPubl/CB page 23.
The example does not seem to be logical at all. Is the process depicted correctly? Why the first term ends up being T and not E? @OCRbot

Whenever I am reading "Bloodlands" by Timothy Snyder (2010) some people look weird if they take a glimpse at the cover.

My first proper trip to @Gargron 's country - one of the first things noticed is how firefighters pick up water from the lake to fight wild forest fire nearby

I just realized standing next to the huge poster of the "Das Boot" 2018 TV series that swastikas have been edited out of the picture, despite showing German navy uniform of ca. 1943

Galba berathschlagte sich darüber mit seinen Freunden. Die mehrsten riethen ihm vor der Hand stille zu sitzen und abzuwarten, welche Bewegung Rom bey dieser Empörung machen und wie es sich benehmen würde. Aber Titus , der Oberste einer Legion, sagte allein "O : Auf welche Weise berathschlagt ihr euch? Ueberlegen, ob wir dem treu bleiben wollen ist schon so viel als ihm untreu werden"

studio selfie 

This time from the studio of WDR in Cologne. Really cool LEDs installed on my mixing table

And now, in an amazing turn of events,

Sun rising over the Ruhr area

I really wanted to read RedisLabs update on licenses. 3 popups to one user.

Here is an unexpected final to the story:

A replacement Z11VN arrived yesterday, so I decided to put the old broken one together.

Having put everything back:

The laptop starts up

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Could this little black part pointed by a hairpin be a lid sensor? Keyboard panel still comes on top of this but maybe that thing can sense the pressure. (It looks similar to the sensor I've had on SZ, different location though). An FEC connection goes in to the place pointed to by a screwdriver, with that stupid glued attachment I mentioned before. I think it should work disconnected for testing, but who knows? This little board has also other non-essential things

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Small update: having attached the keyboard (which also contains wireless, HDD and battery LEDs) it turns out that after plugging the battery and having applied AC power, the charging LED is glowing orange-red! So at least charging circuitry is somehow responding.

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Both models feature a tiny 30 pin debug connector that seems to provide a direct access to embedded controller and it's firmware. Maybe it is even possible to feed firmware on its own? The embedded controller is a small chip that controls the inner life of the computer. VAIOs use Renesas H8/2117 processors that are pretty powerful and independent, making the machine to boot and work fast. This functionality is provided on newer laptops by the controversial Intel .

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I gave up when I started to try to disconnect and reconnect ugly tiny FEC connector which is glued. (Pointed to on the first pic by a screwdriver). On the other picture it is clear that SZ (the cheaper series) has a relatively large and easy to lift latches. This particular connector probably belongs to the 3G modem, which is why I like this particular model - it can be used like a tablet or smartphone virtually anywhere online. @HowIBrokeMyLaptop

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