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On the bottom side of the SZ series (SZ was cheaper but powerful at the time, Z was a high-end expensive one) one can see that after removing few screws one had full access to the heat stink and the replacement of a thermal grease is a breeze! I wrongly assumed that doing the same on the Z series will be easy, too. (There are many similarities in how those models are built). Unfortunately, I would have to completely remove the motherboard to apply new grease.

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My VAIO tale - the thing on the left, a complete Vaio Z with bells and whistles seems to be dead.
On the right - a piece of junk I pulled of eBay for 40 euro as MBX-147 motherboard is perfectly working piece from Sony VAIO SZ series. I also have a full SZ laptop in a pretty bad optical condition, that is also perfectly OK.

it's 5 am and airport sends me some big birds as friendly reminder I should stop slacking and get ready for travel

German chancellor 

One day without reading news and one misses a revolution in the making

Hessischer Rundfunk, public radio and tv broadcaster based in not only has a nicely engraved chairs in the cafeteria but also their own branded napkins

What kind of test probe connector is this? Round, cut into cross inside. Need to replace them but do not want to replace a whole device which has been serving me very well for so many years!

A yellow-black ribbon of St George in a car. Did not know that tsarist veterans still live in Germany

It's time to ditch .
Simplify your life.

Do not download for Windows

"Save the environment. Save your race."

This statement on the wall in has been converted by adding one letter to:

"Save your beauty"

(раса - race -> краса - beauty)




What if we use ALT attribute on images to reveal true message instead?

> Wie bewerten Sie Ihren Kundenservice durch X Y ?

[IMAGE] []
[IMAGE] []
[IMAGE] []
[IMAGE] []
[IMAGE] []
Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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