@sarahjeong Yeah I saw the thing and... yeah.

I'm honestly surprised at how LONG it's been going on... You'd think they'd get bored, at least?

@gaditb it will probably be at least a low buzz for the rest of my life, it is what it is

@sarahjeong Hopefully you'll be able to keep at least some spaces free of it, but... gah.

@sarahjeong hey there!

(also if it's slow for you - you seem to be on the biggest instance; good luck!)

@sarahjeong it’s different. Two days ago my feed was entirely the reposts of the WaPo and The Hill tweetstreams. Now it’s 90% new original content. It’s kind of wow.

@sarahjeong you could probably make at least a dozen good posts on here before having them show up on the national review

@madradhu joke’s on them I’m only gonna be tooting about what I’m eating for breakfast and also awooooooo

@madradhu I would love to see the National Review attempt to explain Mastodon.

@sarahjeong @madradhu
I will bet money they will dismiss it and then call it communist within the first paragraph.

@sarahjeong Microblogging, but with a faint hope of productivity and also sanity.

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