The NYT social media policy is like “don’t post anything you wouldn’t put in print” which is why I am only posting awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

AMA, I will do my best to respond (but only with “awoo”)

@sarahjeong what was the impact of the iraq insurgency on chinese foreign economic policy?

@sarahjeong Ok, so the communication done with awoo-based encoding

@sarahjeong Do you consider homeopathy to be scientific, or just a form of nonsense or “woo”.

@sarahjeong What's up with the post-NYT twitter posts? Troll identification?

@sarahjeong on a scale from 1 to awoo how surreal has this all been for you

@sarahjeong hey, alana here for the AMA -- could you remind me of what noise wolves make? thank you

@sarahjeong Well seeing what they've deemed fit to print, I guess that gives you lots of room to say whatever you like? 😂

@sarahjeong hmm it's extremely not morning but also I still stand by this

@sarahjeong Looking forward to your first NYT column "Awoo: Awoo Awoo AWOO, Awoo AWOOOOOO".

@sarahjeong This makes me sad. I found you on Twitter during the Uber/Google trial, and I appreciated your perhaps-not-NYT-appropriate voice during that trial.

Anyway, still a fan and wishing you all the best at the new gig. So very sorry about all you've had to endure the last few weeks.

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