I'm doing alright, trying to decide whether I'm feeling hungry or feeling a little blegh from eating a handful of Starbursts

I know the answer to my "dilemma" is "it doesn't matter, you should eat something for dinner that's not a handful of Starbursts regardless" but I enjoy mulling over unsolvable mysteries so just give this to me please

@sarahjeong hey! things are ok. sleepy. trying to summon the energy to do something with the rest of the evening

@sarahjeong probably mastodon dev stuff or streaming Caves of Cud if anyone wants to hang out and watch. I think my ability to do $dayjob has left me for today

@sarahjeong the middle of the roadness of our collective Tuesday night is very unlike us

@sarahjeong shitposting and support posting in the same breath

How's you?

@sarahjeong the answer to your dilemma is actually "yes, both"


btw your Open Source Bridge talk was awesome, funny and tragic in all the best ways, so thank you for that

@sarahjeong Starbursts... When I was a kid I used to eat them with the paper still on. Ain't nobody got time for peelin' them!

I think I even rationalised it by saying that the paper made the candy taste less sweet 🤔

Now _that_ was a kid with potential right there

@sarahjeong a bit rainy on my terrace, and I ignore that it is half past two...

@sarahjeong relapsin😎
I hope those starburst relent & let your tum know peace

@sarahjeong Good! Just picked a shitload of blackberries and about to go haul up a few buckets of dirt from the creek for my potato beds.

@sarahjeong pretty good because I don't have what turned out to be a really frustrating off-by-one bug hanging over my head at work

plenty of cicadas out there, and a pile of dead ants in one of the other buildings

@sarahjeong anyway gonna eat a frozen dinner and get wasted drunk on cheap vodka because life's too short to spend making good decisions all the time

@sarahjeong heyoooo the shitposts are rich and plentiful lately

@sarahjeong really pretty decent. my pea plants are still alive and i had a pretty good lunch at the thai place earlier today. i'm not sure what else i can reasonably ask of the universe at this stage.

@sarahjeong short. I'm getting up early very early to pick up my partner from the airport.
What did you decide to eat in the end?

@sarahjeong Productive. Added a new command to my IRC bots. :)

@sarahjeong pretty ok. Just meditated and about to watch the news while browsing more on Mastodon

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