One year on April Fool's I had to publish an article about the Silk Road corrupt cops, one of whom was named Carl Mark Force IV, and it was unfortunate because everything already sounded so implausible to begin with

Carl Mark Force IV had a hilarious name but it was the other one, extremely-normal-named Shaun Bridges, who was REALLY up to no good. For one thing he stole bitcoins from the Dread Pirate Roberts and then framed a cooperating witness, who had a hit put out on him because of it. He might have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for the investigation into Carl Mark Force IV, who was INDEPENDENTLY corrupt, and way sloppier about it.

When caught, Shaun Bridges was told to turn his laptop in as evidence. He asked his supervisor if he could copy some receipts off his computer, first. The supervisor said yes, but then noticed that Bridges was copying over a folder labeled "Bitstamp" (the bitcoin exchange) and put a stop to it at once.

Then as Bridges was "turning in" his laptop he tried to sneakily place it in a stack of laptops that were going to be erased instead. But someone noticed and was like, "No, Shaun."

During the secret grand jury proceedings, his girlfriend was called to testify. Citing some scheduling difficulty, she asked that her testimony be moved to the next week. Prosecutors agreed to allow it.

That weekend, she and Shaun Bridges got married, and she claimed spousal immunity.


Shaun Bridges and his wife also attempted to flee the country after he was sentenced.

They did not succeed.

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To this day, prosecutors think Shaun Bridges still has stolen bitcoins in cold storage somewhere, and that they haven't been able to pin down all of his crimes.

When arrested during his attempted flight, Shaun Bridges was carrying two bags containing identity documents, "corporate records for offshore entities," including one that he had created after pleading guilty in this case, a Macbook with the serial number scratched off, and bulletproof vests that were probably stolen from the Secret Service.

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