@sarahjeong thank you for writing!
How social networks feel, who they alienate & welcome is only getting more important as they become more integral in people's lives around the world.

I would love to read more pieces about how it feels to enter federated spaces. I'd also like to see interviews capturing the social history of these spaces, like the tensions & conflict around race that helped form awwo.space. Basically the interview accounts in The City of Darkness but for GNUsocial, I guess.

@sarahjeong Enjoying this piece very much, thank you for writing it, Sarah. <3

@sarahjeong I liked your article :)
For some reason it made me feel even more happy and at home in this little corner of the internet.

Also, that image is DOPE.

@sarahjeong loved yer article, but if you make an awoo.space account I think you'll see it's kinda different than yer article says. It's a lot more insular, I think it's because mastodon.social is closed to new users right now so the other instances are getting flooded and kinda confusing.

@sarahjeong cool article! its always fascinating when someone from outside the FOSS space collides with it.

You might also enjoy looking at Dreamwidth too, if Mastodon vibes well for you.

@pnathan fwiw I'm not entirely outside the FOSS space ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i am pretty plugged into the copyleft community, I just haven't touched any of the FOSS social media things until now

@sarahjeong @pnathan What is the copyleft? Never heard of that portmanteau.

@sarahjeong @RamRod The concept is to subvert the idea of copyright and force people who use a thing to share it and any modifications. A simple example of a copyleft system is Wikipedia. More complex ones include the Linux kernel, which is the code that runs inside Android phones.

It's like if a restaurant gave recipes away with all meals. You could use and improve the meals, even giving your improvements back to the restaurant. Copyleft is largely what the Internet software runs on.


"Mastodon Is Like Twitter Without Nazis, So Why Are We Not Using It?"

Judging from the graphical interface of Mastodon, we can safely assume that the Nazis did not yet exist in the space-time from where this thing has been launched...

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