Apologies to everyone I had to leave out! (your instances are great too)

From Witches to Dolphins, These Are the Communities That Make Mastodon Great

@sarahjeong (fyi is currently messed up right now, idk if that warrants any change but

@sarahjeong Yeah I'm waiting for the next user count updates to see if they get it restored... Imagine if mastodon wasn't decentralized!

@sarahjeong @masklayer my understanding is that they're currently migrating to the cloud from the admin's home box

@masklayer @sarahjeong I think that they explicitly wanted to dump the old user data? but that's sort of unexpected so I think they're trying to help migrate the SQL db anyhow

@sarahjeong @masklayer Arguably, the non-story-ness of it in the wider fediverse is _also_ a story :)

@sarahjeong its ok sarah... we at won't feel upset...

@sarahjeong this is like the journalistic equivalent of shitposting in the best way

@sarahjeong "Ever since the Japanese-speaking internet has discovered Mastodon, the federations have exploded in size"

lol makes it sound like it was a long time ago 😂

@sarahjeong lol, it must be impossible to write about something that grows so fast

@pessimism my editor asked me if we can pub this on monday and i said lo no

@sarahjeong i feel like a horse track commentator trying to describe mastodon on birdsite going from a few hundred to 40k to 1k is just ???

@sarahjeong I'm also working on a fun instance, but it probably won't be ready for a while. Still working on it :)

@sarahjeong this is why I <3 the internet and more and more what I've been missing.


@sarahjeong a reader could find your numbers a bit ambiguous. For example, yes it might be true that mastodon had ~35k at the time of the previous article, but when comparing to the current numbers of the .jp instance, it helps to compare with numbers under same denominators/time points. e.g. reference. So, comparing .jp with .m *.social today would be against 47254. Dynamic values are confusing enough so pictures painted should be vivid! My thoughts. e.g. a 1850 USD vs 2017 USD

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