hi guys i'm hoping to write another piece about mastodon, a sort of wrap-up for my experiment a few weeks ago where i tried to replace twitter with masto.

i'd love to to interview a bunch of you guys? looking for old users and new users alike

following up with as many of you as i can but i have to log off now so i can eat. my email is if you want to reach out directly!

@noelle would love to have you! my email is — lmk how's best to talk

@sarahjeong i'd be willing to answer a few questions, i've pretty much entirely moved onto mastodon and have been running an instance for 3 weeks (with the tech & moderation issues that entails)

@chr amazing! does email work? mine is

@sarahjeong Hi. I joined up in the wake of your article. I still use Twitter, but substantially less.

@sarahjeong I'd love to chat about this stuff - I've been on Masto since november and I have a longstanding interest/involvement with online communities and their care feeding (also hi fellow Vice contributor)

@sarahjeong i joined the same day you did i think (i think me following you is in the 2nd screenshot of your first article?) and now i'm hosting 3 instances and working on the code

@sarahjeong Sure. Been around for a couple of weeks.

Old hand in running free internet services for the greater good though.


@sarahjeong I have a twitter account, but I'm not an active user. Joined mastodon by chance at the end of Nov, liked it and stayed.

@sarahjeong new user here, replacing twitter with mastodon because I believe in the free software philosophy. let me know if that's a perspective you're interested in!

@sarahjeong I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, as a single-user self-hosted instance tooter. My email is

@sarahjeong hello!!!! i would love to talk about it. @nolan would probably be great too

@ohhoe @sarahjeong Sure, I'd be happy to. :) And yeah Rachel would be a good interviewee too!

@sarahjeong I can answer some questions :)
Been around since November, running my own semi faulty instance, and supporting Gargron through patreon for a couple of months I think.

@sarahjeong People talk about nothing but mastodon here : - /

@sarahjeong I run an instance (a bit under 2 weeks ago), have opinions, and have never really been into social media until now. Feel free to hit me up here or email

@sarahjeong Not sure if I'm what you're looking for but I'm using Masto to share my fledgeling music and make relationships with other musicians.

@sarahjeong hey there! We met at XOXO briefly. I've been a user for about a month, and I run 2-and-a-half instances, including this one, a themed instance mostly for SFF writers, and a locked-down, private instance for a community that wanted more privacy.

Happy to chat about my experiences on both sides of the admin gate.

@sarahjeong I am indeed already following you on keybase, so if I ever have any juicy tech dirt I can get it to you securely :-)

@sarahjeong I'm a fairly new user but I'd be happy to participate if I had something to offer the project.

@sarahjeong I'd be down if you need any more people. Been here for a while and on awoo since it started.

@lauraritchie @Tdorey @katebowles Something tells me a couple of us academics would be willing to share a word or three, @sarahjeong.

@lauraritchie @katebowles @sarahjeong @ShorterPearson Certainly happy to chat... Hoping it's not time to mourn but to be reflective and appreciative of the origins of this space and to work to ensure they (tool bits & human communities) are honoured & supported on the path forward.

@lauraritchie @sarahjeong @ShorterPearson @Tdorey Same. I'm watching the changes thinking that all communities shift in this way. So we're getting to a point where mastodon the platform and mastodon the community have to part. One stabilises as the other changes.
The difference with Twitter is that it has a third dimension: Twitter the corporation. So when we say "Twitter does this or that", we might well mean the company.

@katebowles @Tdorey @sarahjeong @lauraritchie I'm honestly only now understanding how deeply the queer community needed and used the nature of Mastodon's platform and its disconnection from corporate structures. So I am starting to understand that level of disenchantment that comes from not having their place in the community acknowledged, even as I don't feel that disenchantment because Mastodon was far more quiet for me and if anything I'm avoiding that type of acknowledgement.

@sarahjeong It is very different. My twitter timeline is with more established people, more announcement, less opinion. Mastodon allows for richer exchanges

@sarahjeong Happy to help, if only to prove to a friend that there's something here (he's a big fan of yours)

@sarahjeong I suggest finding some good old !GNUsocial'ists too, I think most appreciate the new animal in the herd. Though as a precaution you could probably stay away from the "free speech" servers .]
@mmn I'd say include some admins and less vitriolic users from those servers. If they seem grouchy, it is mostly because of effects of the new servers + admin policies on their users and servers. We may never all join in a "Barney" style hug, but we can understand and appreciate the roles that each played and continues to play in the #fediverse.

@sarahjeong You can ask me anything for your article. I wrote a few Dutch articles on Mastodon and am still an enthusiast!
I log off now because sleep (timezones...) but will be back tomorrow. Well, tonight for you. Oh damn you international timezones!

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