Hellooo. I haven't fully made the switch over to mastodon and I'm not sure I fully will... But I'm happy to be here :)

@spences10 @iamjonjackson also lol, thank you swiping autocorrect for choosing mariner instead of maybe ⚓

@iamjonjackson @spences10 certainly is for me as I only follow you two so far, hahah

@iamjonjackson @spences10 I think that's probably what is confusing. Maybe I'll close down the mstdn one then, even if you two cool cats are over there...

@spences10 @iamjonjackson I'm terribly confused 😅

I'm now on two of these instances and I don't know if want to be?

The app seems to default to mastodon.social, or mariner it's just because I signed in with that one first...

Hi btw! 👋

Hello! How do mastodons and mammoths differ, then?


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