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Besabab hi Zindagi jaaya karte rahe
Masla zehen ka tha, dil se sochte rahe

According to Sanghi

Kabir Was Anti Hindu
Perriyar was Anti Hindu
Faiz was Anti Hindu
Vidyasagar was Anti Hindu
Mohanrai was Anti Hindu
Gandhi was Anti Hindu
Nehru was Anti Hindu
Ambedkar was Anti Hindu

Is there's anyone besides Godse who was not Anti Hindu ??

Why people not trying Yogi for War Crimes at ICJ??

2019 to 2020

हम भी पेले गए थे
तुम भी पेले जाओगे
कितने भी बनालो Resolution
15 दिनों में अपनीवाली पे आओगे

According to Historians

Hitler did not committed suicide, his body double who was executed. He & His wife eloped, took sea route & anchored at Gujarat Port. They had one Son, whom Hitler groomed for Nazism. If sources to believe he lived in Bunker near Vadanagar lake 🚩🚩

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@sarcasticrofl_ the sum of anythings = everything / powerful somethings @wabbster @KnottedBow am already floating so what to say..

Cheers with a lovely Remy Martin Cognac...

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Done that.
I don't know what number I am at. I am past 4, don't know after that.
That's another thing I need to figure out besides the question of being on earth or venus ... Hmm.. 🤔😝🙈
@KayKap @wabbster

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@sarcasticrofl_ Anything!!! Anything? Sumthing into Anything =??? Pls answer...

Hic, hic, @wabbster @KnottedBow kno🎵🍷

उसकी यादें आ जाती है बेमकसुद तनहाई में
और इल्जाम है के भुलने का हमे इरादा नहीं

क्या बयां करे शब ए वस्ल
हुस्न की इबादत करनी है
काफिर ख्वाहिशो से

उसके होटों का सितम ना पुछ
जला देते है छु ने भर से ही

साकी इतना भी ना पिला की काफिर हो जाउ
खुदा के लिए इबादत का नशा कायम रहने दे

I'm drunk and so my Toots, Singles and Protesters stay away till tomorrow morning

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