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draft (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
good morning

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주님 한시리즈 더 갑니다

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Godzilla vs Ghidorah🔞🔞🐲

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It's finished! (tho i kinda half-assed the clothes because she's not meant to be wearing them)

The real version is on my Patreon until I upload it at a later date: patreon.com/Dagos

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finished YCH for Xetsa! Thank you for such a wonderful character 💕
Also you can find the process video and more on my Patreon

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ulforceveedramon x gliscor combomon

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Commission for @ItsaJaggaDagga@twitter.com and his DnD character!

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Here's a commission for @FluffMimine@twitter.com !

Sometimes a character's design does all the work for you yunno? Really loved drawing this fuzzball

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