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Sargoth @sargoth

yeah, I could do one of those

A vital component of being on social media is to be company. This includes an element of interacting with others. But it also includes an element of being seen, of consistently being there, saying things that are at once new and unsurprising. There is an art to it, to be consistently novel and familiar. I cannot teach it to you, since it stems from you being yourself in the company of others; in exchange, we are company

Oh, and I like cats

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@sargoth I couldn't help but read "company" as in economics

Sargoth Discursive Anomalies, LLC

@elomatreb books are better company than companies
books are friends
*sneaks in a discursive anomaly*

@sargoth This statement, despite not describing you at all, describes you depressingly well. You.

@sargoth (make sure to pin this... And don't forget to reply with shameless self promotion.)

@sargoth *tentatively pets, unsure if that'll be okay*

@sargoth 2018 we call it 0,0003% engagement rate ;)