Most thing that you have or want to say have already been said by someone else. Probably more aptly than you'll ever be able to put it, too.
This is good. It means you can learn from those who have gone before. It also means that you can let go of the pressure to be original, and focus on being you.
This here life is hard enough without it being a competition, too.

@sargoth fucking yeah I found out that a fairly obscure and crazy idea I have for a project was mostly created, and had a BOOK written about it like 30 years ago. and now I'm reading it

@way that's good. obscure, crazy AND without having to go through (too many) rookie mistakes ^^

@sargoth I feel i've learn so much from those who gone before that every time i put my hand on the keyboard, my brain say "You think it's your own little idea but it's just a remembrance from a tweet you read 2 years ago"

@hide I mean, this toot is basically a rephrasing of a Mathew Arnold essay from the 19th hundreds
it's new to those reading it for the first time, though, so it still contributes to the world

@sargoth fatalistic competition is also only a consequence of capitalism that's been largely alien to human society. there's no reason the production of art need be a commodity, it's an immense profanity that it's become one at all. "being good enough" is the problem, not being good enough.

@sargoth *commodified, this is a grammatical mess but u get ittt

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