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I notice when I'm doing my thesis research that something I read, somewhere pops up into my head, and I want to write about it, but then I must find the source, which I know I've read... I just dunno where it went.

ohh, I found it. Nice !

No, I really did not find it. And no it wasn't nice.

But now, after 55minutes of looking, I did find it in my notes that I actually had taken down, with page reference and all. Arghwajhjahdjsasw

Okay, back on track. Teacup is almost empty.

Almost lunch time... Hm...

lunch over, I got the reference in my hand, I can now finish this paragraph....

I know I should know this, but if I introduce an author in my introduction, do I still have to introduce them again when I'm writing the body of my thesis?

@maloki only introduce 'em once, but make some remark that reminds readers why this author is important in this context
nothing lorge, just a casual mention

@sargoth sometimes it just really feels like the introduction is its own text, you know.

Sargoth @sargoth

@maloki aye
there is a saying: you write the introduction twice. first for yourself, to get a feel what you're gonna do. then you rewrite it at the end, when you know what you've done and what it actually introduces

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@sargoth Yeah, I'm very familiar with that part. Totally ignoring my intro now, but realized I wasn't too introduce some sources there already