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Sargoth @sargoth

Ask not how many mastodon accounts a person needs

Ask instead: hold up, I can have an account 100% dedicated to livetweeting my marathon bingewatching of Buffy, and that's okay?

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@snipejaeg those were a fun two weeks
*thinks back on the experience with fondness*

It takes about two weeks to bingewatch all the Buffys, if you throw Angel into the mix and have a modicum of needs such as eating, sleeping or moving around

just saying

@bleak comfy seating arrangements
some sort of interest in Buffy and/or media studies

more pillows

@sargoth sargooooooth i was trying to imply there is a soul cost, in keeping with the hallowed traditions of ween

@bleak oh yeah
*senses around the edges of what used to be an intergral part of my soul*

*thinks about it for some time*

@sargoth Hey! Would you mind telling a new user a bit more about having multiple accounts? Is that what most people do?

@clinkingdog it's not uncommon to have dedicated accounts for discussing/posting different things on different instances

some have after dark accounts where they post, ahem, things that might not be appropriate to post at strangers. others have roleplaying accounts, in different flavors

having multiple accounts it is definitely a thing

@sargoth Cool, thanks! It sounds tricky to manage but if people are doing it it can't be that hard :) I'll give it a go!