Boost if you are happy to not have to constantly think about how to maximize your impact and leverage your personal brand in each and every interaction

@sargoth Speak for yourself. I'm going to rule the world, starting on mastodon.

@sargoth that's right, I'm going to take my 23 followers and start a revolution!

@sargoth hahahahahahahwhatdoyoumeanhahahahahahahahahahaha 😭

@ihdneph remember to like comment subscribe also patreon something notification squad

@sargoth don't forget to follow me on every sms and look out for my print updates brand brand brand brand

@sargoth But... but how do you make sure you're getting the most possible Favs??

@clinkingdog well, you see
*shows an elaborate spreadsheet containing data about target demographics, trending topics and appropriate times of day to post things*
I just ignore all of that and post the bepis emoji

@sargoth i really want to but its become so built into my day-to-day im not sure i can conceive of it

@citysaurus it's a gradual process, slow at first but then it picks up steam

give it time and a gratuitous amount of posts about trivial things, and it'll come to you

@sargoth ill do it ill become the dril of mastodon and neither god nor dennys can stop me

Uuugh. I disagreed with a rando once and they were like: do you livestream? I said no. They DMed me an offer to help monetize livestreamed content. I am like: I go on social media to be NOT working

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