@Corvusheart it is one of the only epistemically stable things I know

I am not saying that you are a door into another dimension, but when you move, your flannel pattern stays firmly in place, as if we are merely viewing a local instantiation of an infinite field of geometrically perfect, fashionably correct squares

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someday a sweet girl who smells of honey and blackseed and girl sweat and she will brush my hair and make eye contact with me in the mirror to tell me where and how I'm gonna die in deep reverberating tones that make my spine quiver and y'all I'm living for that day

Become the IPv6 address you want to see in the world

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You: There are too many streaming services.

@Efi memory is always an active process in the present

Nostalgia is fine, but perhaps
it is time to create new memories

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I feel resentful of the notion that I should have to finish anything for it to be a significant accomplishment

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so, my dad is a mechanical engineer and i've been thinking about doing some kind of formal conversation with him to see what software engineers and mechanical engineers have in common. best practices, approaches to technology, tackling new projects, that kind of thing. i'm gathering questions and pinging my networks for some ideas.

if you could sit down with an engineer, what would you ask?

retoots encouraged!

#programming #software #engineering #development #tech

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be careful who you name yourself after

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