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shameless self-promotion intermingled with personal news Show more

Hydration reminder reminder Show more

so I hear there's a new episode of Sense8 out
right this very moment

@maloki @bstacey allcaps in order to ensure that a document absolutely does not go live; it's an aesthetic

as the infinite fount of knowledge, Dr Phil, once said: things only work until they don't

@maloki power to the people*

*that are not me

Good news Show more

Good news Show more

The most masto-meta post you ever did see Show more

@tomharris I don't remember an English version; it's possible it was before my time

@tomharris it's almost a year since @Haddock_NL was last heard from

The most masto-meta post you ever did see Show more

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mood: when someone gets reasonably successful on youtube but due to inertia they still have their original, extremely inept, odd intro with bizarre music they composed themselves despite not knowing anything about music or visual design or motion graphics

*ambient emotional support*

@verity multilingual multiplexed monomemetic


This is a shoutout to the ancient bot which posted Captain Haddock quotes in Dutch

Because of course such a bot existed