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If someone gives you unsolicited advice, just tell them these magical words Show more

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OK, is there a food and cooking-based instance yet, please?

I think toots would be excellent for sharing short recipes.

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Squirrel being cutely stereotypical in the park, from this morning.

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One hour left to pledge for a copy of Radio Silence volume one! kickstarter.radiosilencecomic.

We’re only $180 away from the stretch goal of NEW MUSIC for the comic! I’m super excited about this one! Let’s make it happen! #webcomic #comic #indiecomics

If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

@dheadshot given the sheer amount of bread, this is not surprising

*looks at local timeline*
that's bread

@bgcarlisle *rises up from a very unflattering sitting/sprawling position*

thank :3

Maybe I should do some of that 'brand building' I've heard so much about
*scratches self, then unceremoniously catches a stray yawn*
that seems too high energy for me, tbqh

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*phone rings*

me: if they don't leave a message then it wasn't important

phone: leaves a message


me: well i ain't listening to that shit

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I was on an early walk and found a guy staring at the telephone wires. I turned to see what he might be looking at, and he held a finger to his lips to quiet me. He whispered, “there’s a mockingbird up there. If you listen, he’ll ring like a bell.”

So we stood there in silence, and then the little bird opened his mouth and sang chimes to us. He rang like a bell.

The stranger and I looked at each other, then smiled and laughed as we went our separate ways. That was a nice way to start a day.

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broke: emulating games is a crime so it's bad

woke: emulating games, while technically a crime, is one of the only reasonable ways to gain access to many old games considered cult classics today, and should be encouraged in the interest of preserving art

bespoke: emulating games is a crime, so it's good

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