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found another site without one, and so in accordance with the ancient customs to which i am bound: make an About page for your webcomic god dammit

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good work, everyone

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*ambient emotional support*

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OK, here is a preview -- just for Mastodon -- of the choral music I will put online properly tomorrow:

My music is community-supported, not commercially funded. If you'd like me to compose more, please consider supporting me financially if you can and don't if you can't:

As always, thank you for your other support, which helps me hugely!

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All these different languages
but one thing they all have in common:

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Apparently some silly USians want to extend copyright again:

Repeating my Twitter reaction:

When will musicians realize that their biggest competitor is ALL THE PAST RECORDINGS EVER and revolt against this madness?

The Internet is not what makes music hard work. Never was! It's competing with Elvis & Mozart.

Demand the right to build on the past, not compete with it.

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You don't have to finish it all today.

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By the time you are 35, you should have at least ten mastodon accounts, according to experts

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If any of y'all are in charge of PR or social media stuff for a company or public body, I have a simple admonition:

Please keep your actual site up to date, not all of us want to look at your Facebook feed for the latest news. This practice is growing but it's really obnoxious.

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There is much talk of the intellectual dark web, but not as much talk of the intellectual grey web, a sprawling blog empire entirely and solely authored by mastodon user sargoth