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Совсем недавно меня назначили проверяющим перевода Mastodon на русский язык. Сегодня я запустил свой сайт с небольшой документацией по переводу, что будет очень полезно новичкам :blobcat:

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Написал юзерскрипт для интеграции Яндекс.Музыки с новомодным MediaSession API и добавления уведомлений о текущем треке.

Благодаря MSA на KDE и Windows нативно отображаются метаданные и биндятся медиа-клавиши (Пауза, След., Вперёд). Это очень удобно.

Если кому интересно, то в обязательном порядке выложил свою работу на GitHub:

I realized that this will be my 500th post on Mastodon. At this moment I have 30 follows and 60 followers. Cool, weeee, party party!! OK, thanks for coming, cya around :)

I like how Googlers list Edge (now) and Opera in their “Browser support tables” like these are the completely different browsers :thinkhappy:

Both based on Chromium. Feels like they are trying to say like “See, *many* browsers already support that, but Firefox is still far behind . . . 🐢 ”

Форкнут GitLab и переименуют в какой-нибудь RusHub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Origins did it mostly better… oh heck no no no… TAVIANA T_T


but back on the topic, Origins kinda gone way too complex I guess even in context of server files, which they provided only to their provides and you couldn't do self-hosting, all servers were almost identical, but they still did it okay… I mean the mod. Like really really okay.

I heard there are still Epoch servers, but Epoch is just meh… now I get that. Get why it was PVP mostly back in the days. I liked the building concept and thought only mostly of it, as well as more buildings and stuff, but these only small pieces of Epoch, it also brought much more guns, NPCs and so destroyed that feeling of survival, I guess.

Gosh I just like DayZ soundtracks so much and miss DayZ each day to the point I want to boot up local server and go walk the same maps all alone.

Like this… is… gosh it's just awesome feeling on nostalgia:

I think I finally have found way to describe someone how it feels to go into hypermarket when its pick hours and there's too much people.


> Having your future users to download ISO image of 2.5 GB
>using US HTTPS server
>on a speed of 300 KB/s
>and providing no official torrent mirror
fr fr…

Иногда такой сидишь занимаешься делами и тут неожиданно в голове Пугачёва начинает петь «позови меня с собой». Ставь звезду если знакомо

Sometimes also after they fought, black cat starts walking in circles around the room and yelling something along “meow meow” (I don't fully understand their language, unfortunately).

My black cat was raised by his sister, because his mom died week or so after he was born.

He is ten years old now and due this [I think] his behavior is kind of strange: when they fight with young white cat, whenever he gets a chance his “mom mode” gets enabled and he starts like “oi, let's clean you up *lick lick*”… in the middle of the fight.

Sometimes this actually helps and relaxes white cat and they fall asleep (cute), but mostly white cat just starts biting him and they continue fighting This sucks.

Now according to that draft, want you a little of customization — please write another JavaScript library, like that is more accessible, performant, native and stuff… Mkay, 'kay… Want not doing that? Oh, sweet, then please enjoy our at least colored Win98 tracks, hope that sati— what “no”? That doe— Sorry can't help you, we decid— Yes, we— Oh, excuse me, but if you have something to say you are welcome to our GitH— Well, there's a reason why we clo— *hung up*

I think I'm getting depressive again with all these thoughts of life and everything around just reminding how I suck at literally every thing possible. And I think it already starts to show itself by, for example, anxiety when doing usual things, feeling of fatigue, not experiencing joy of doing things.
But y'know, I keep telling this phrase “We'll handle it, as we always do”. This one isn't exceptional, I guess. Hope it's gone in about three weeks or less. Now let's pretend everything is fine 🙃

TechCrunch: Mozilla lays off 70 as it waits for new products to generate revenue

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