Lol the daily abuse Mast gets is getting to me. I'll still be pushing out constant updates to improve it where I can, but some people on this network aren't making it the joy that it once was.


@JPEG Mast is great app from what I saw, didn't have a chance to try, unfortunately.

I'm really sorry that because of simple mistake with that artwork you are now being called out “thief”, which “rips off” artists by taking screenshots to showcase your own artwork. Even that you comply with request and ready to fix this soon :(

Actually, I think, you can do what @dansup is doing — he's using Unsplash photos, which are free and don't necessarily require credit:

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@sasha_sorokin @dansup Thank you for the kind words and for being understanding. I appreciate that. It was a bit frustrating how it unfolded and to come back to see my notifications filled with that after the holiday period, but I rectified it by immediately pushing an update which removed the screenshot, and the App Store now reflects that. Thank you for the suggestion too!

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