@sasha_sorokin it becomes "10x.xn--3s9h" for me, send help

@sasha_sorokin it's just time travel built into the code. Dont bother trying to contact the web admin, they won't reply for thousands of years

@sasha_sorokin this is what happened to everyone that made a 2020 vision joke on january 1st

@sasha_sorokin I wish my chrome would display emojis in domains instead of showing the punycode

@Nesewebel that is safety measure after there was scam with “secure paypal page” IIRC

@sasha_sorokin I know, but what about just whitelisting the emoji Unicode range, everything else can still be encoded with punycode, I don't think anybody would fall for a scam like 🅿️aypal.com

@Nesewebel again IIRC in that indecent I mention there was like padlock emoji and https paypal com stuff in the link, which would be very misleading for people unaware of technologies, they know padlock means safe sate, but they don't know how URL is formed (a-la https://stuff https.stuff).

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