@Gargron it's time to tell instance administrators that blocking other instances prejudicially does more harm to the fediverse, than good to the users.

We need to encourage users to actively use self moderation tools such as blocking and filtering, and teach administrators that domain blocking should be a last resort action — e.g. when one instance actively attacks yours, not when one users from that other instance says something that single user on your instance may be offended of.

@sasha_sorokin No amount of me telling that will convince anyone who actually does that

@Gargron Fair. I thought of idea when while blocking new domain, Mastodon would show spooky red message telling that ‘blocking other instance is maybe isn't something you want’ with a link to reasons why.

As well, as some active action, such as blog post and delisting of servers on that were found in practicing this, because they generally do not represent the idea of the project — decentralized, but interconnected network. Blocking everyone is no better than centralization.


I would consider this a dark patters which we just not work towards to. Every server admin has the right to de-federate with with any instance for any reason at any point in time. Putting unnecessary warning signs in there just to pressure people towards not doing it, sounds like a manipulative dark pattern to me just due to disagreement on how those networks should be built.


@sheogorath and you'd be wrong, since it has nothing to do with dark patterns per se. It would be a dark pattern if we would navigate admin to the confirm page and replace primary button with something like “Silence instead”.

The warning would simply suggest, that blocking other instance is should be considered last resort practice in extreme cases and that you can simply silence or reject media from that instance, this is with link provided where you can learn more why.



That said, this won't remove your ability of blocking instances, it would simply interrupt you, so you can have a moment to think “is this something you want?” with a few considerations:

• Your users won't be able to discover and talk to users from that instance.
• You can simply silence that instance without preventing your users from reading and following users from there if they want it.
• You can report bad actors to admins of that instance and suspend them locally.



I think displaying such a note on the page to block instances would be considered "confirm-shaming" since you pressure the admin into feeling guilty for deciding to not federate with certain instances.

Obviously one could say it depends on the wording and form of the "Warning" but I think if it's intended to be efficient it'll end up being a dark pattern.


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