*Goes to ‘Federated’ feed.*

> 9gag girls

— But what about guys!

*Closes federated.*

Sorry, can't take this feed seriously.

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@Gargron Yeee.

I've had like ideas what can it be replaced with preserving the similar idea of discovery. One of the ideas was like to see posts of people that people you follow.. follow (‘follows of your friends’), or similarly just select a few people per instance which follows would be suitable for the general audience of the instance. But this is too much work, it feels.

@sasha_sorokin @Gargron Not at all -- I think that's very doable.

But what's weird is... I thought that's what the federated feed was already? (Friends of friends?)

@mdm nope, it's more like ‘follows of our users’, and unless you've got a really topic-specific instance, be prepared for posts of all sorts of things. Starting from just other languages, ending up with adult content :sadness:


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