According to Google, you’re not human if you aren’t being tracked by Google.

“…one of the ways that Google determines whether you’re a malicious user or not is whether you already have a Google cookie installed on your browser.”



@aral to be fair, I recently had to work with one site that shown captcha every few actions (not fault of Google here). Having logged in my Google account actively used for years, every time it worked with one click.

Out of interest I then tried using my other user in Chrome, not logged in to Google, and actually after a few captcha requests they started to ask for challenges and after about 15 requests these got harder…

I think account age and use is a very good metric for nice experience.

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@sasha_sorokin Indeed. What could possibly be a problem with requiring anyone who wants a seamless experience on the web to have a Google account. I say seamless experience… that’s today. Tomorrow, you’ll need it to book a medical appointment. But we can trust Google, so why worry. A human is what a corporation says it is. This is fine.

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