just droppin' some TRUTH right here:

you can remove all mastodon assets and repaint interface a hundred times, it doesn't become less mastodon, which licence you brazenly violate!

@iamnagolbud you shush. I wouldn't care if they released source code, clearly stated their changes and in other ways followed licence of the code that they use as their base.

but when they make it clear they don't intent on doing so with ‘mastodon sightings’ being a bug, that's where I call that out.

they have to legally, but also morally owe that to all those people (and more; the list isn't up-to-date) who made their contributions to mastodon:

@iamnagolbud @sasha_sorokin Lighten up Francis. tRump broke the rules for utilizing the Mastodon code. As usual. Because he’s a self promoting liar.

@sasha_sorokin Very true, although at least in that instance it might take more than three seconds to determine you've done so.

@sasha_sorokin wait, what did I miss? who violated the Mastodon license? Trump's TRUTH social network?

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