⚠️ ‘Use Signal if you're in Russia’ is a dangerous advice! ⚠️

Signal does not have usernames, all accounts and exchange is bound to phone numbers. Phone numbers in Russia are literally bound to passports and in cases can replace real passport.

Telegram might not be an encryption paradise, but they got one thing right — you can use it without EVER revealing your phone number or even assigning username.


Added. Not use Telegram

Use Briar and Session, Element, Manyverse, Jami. 😃 Fediverse apps 😏
Use FLOSS app from FDroid and IzzySoft
@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid session is funded by crypto shit. Element is shady, and element is just a client, also many (most)matrix instance need email/phone verification unless you selfhost matrix server . Jami may leak IP address. No idea about manyverse. Briar is okay

@jf I'd like to suggest to NOT point out these flaws. They deter people from using it. You don't need email/phone for matrix.

@jf I don't self host. I've never linked an email or phone to my account.

@forever some instances doesn't. Which instance though?

@Mehrad @forever @jf

Reactions don’t reveal that much IMO. What, you’re gonna spy on if someone reacted to an encrypted message with 👍 or not? CCP may arrest if any chinese citizens react to a post/message which criticize them

@jf @Mehrad @forever

I see. I mean you could advise them to just not react to messages but idk.

@jf @Mehrad @forever

Oh that’s cool. Also my phone hates all the Chinese chars I think, it lagged out and crashed safari

Perhaps you should read a little more but about security implications of metadata leakage. Emoji is not the only thing.

@forever @jf May I reveal to you:

You seem to care so much about metadata leakage. Nobody else really does.

Perhaps because I know how such data can be used/abused to hurt people based on my experience and expertise, or perhaps I have read about the topic a little bit more than you and others, or even perhaps I'm paranoid. But whatever it is, unlike some of these comments, my actions doesn't have the potential to cost others their lives.

Many people have unprotected sex and they don't care either about STDs/STIs. Does this justify that no one should care?!


@Mehrad @forever

most require no identity verification so maybe the fact you are messaging is visible and all the metadata around it is unencrypted, but no one will know who because no identity verification and the main content is encrypted so you can’t figure out who that way.

Plus ideally if you are really worried you find a matrix homeserver that you trust with your metadata.

🤦🏻‍♂️ ok, enjoy using Matrix and imagine that it is ok that it is nit fully e2ee despite their ads, and be sure to post your IP, system information, client, active days and hours, amount of activity and much much more here. And since you are at it, how about publishing your bank account info, phone number records, you full name and all you passwords under copyleft license 😉


How about you read my bio, before trying that? I'd love to listen to you but sadly you're a candidate to be blocked. whot

Metadata is just as sensitive — if not
more sensitive — than the message content itself; that's why messengers like Signal and Threema put tons of work into reducing metadata transmission wherever possible. Meanwhile Matrix is over here increasing the amount of metadata that's sent between servers.

It's downright irresponsible to recommend Matrix to people in life-threatening situations imo. It has no place in discussions about private messengers. I really don't want to block another person in this thread But, alright. Is it dangerous because it leaks my credit card number through the metadata? leaking times, origin, and other stuff is just as important as the actual message content, because context and circumstantial evidence is often enough to at least get a good idea of what's happening matrix is not the ultimate private messenger so many claim it is and suggesting otherwise is irresponsible and dangerous

if you believe that statement warrants a block, cool. it doesn't affect me either way

@evelyn @amolith @Mehrad @forever

The whole point is that it’s anonymous so they know that people were communicating but not who.

@forever @IzzyOnDroid @sasha_sorokin @fdroidorg @selea @jf @yesfreenet

I’d recommend @threemaapp all day long for actual, proper secure chat. No phone number or email address required, they use the bare-minimum metadata AND their code can be audited.

Telegram, I believe, has links to Russia.

The problem is, no one wants to pay for an app.

If the product is free, you’re the product.
@jf @IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg @yesfreenet @sasha_sorokin @forever Is nobody going to mention Tor? Just use Tor with whatever protocol doesn't ask you for your personal information. Some instances requiring your email address or phone number are just two of the smaller concerns imo. There are issues with the Matrix protocol itself that are far worse because they affect every user on every installation; Matrix may be more secure than other options but it's a far cry from private.


Element isn't shady, and the Matrix spec is completely open. You also don't need a phone number nor an e-mail address if you create your account on

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg @yesfreenet @sasha_sorokin

@yesfreenet @sasha_sorokin @fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

Actually you should NOT use matrix (element) either, it is not fully encrypted. If you are in a country that unencrypted identifiable messages can rush your life, stay away from Matrix until they fully implement encryption

@Mehrad , says that Matrix implement e2ee.
Do you mean something more specific?

@yesfreenet @sasha_sorokin @fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

😂😂 Microsoft says they are privacy oriented, majority if criminals say they are innocent, 99.999% of religions claim they collect money for [gG]od

Jokes aside, read this and the HackerNews link someone else shared in that thread:

@yesfreenet @sasha_sorokin @fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid


Don't take me wrong, Matrix is very good and I use it daily basis for work, but I would not bet my life on their false claim about "full e2ee". They confessed in that HackerNews thread that they are not encrypting everything. My main problem is knowingly claiming a false statement and putting people's lives at risk. People's lives are not toy or poker chips.

@yesfreenet @sasha_sorokin @fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

Xmpp with pgp, element/matrix, delta chat.

If you can't host the server don't rely on it.
@sasha_sorokin @fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid also signal is owned by the same people who sold WhatsApp to Facebook. do not trust signal. I trust the people on telegram more since they've always fixed issues quickly, and it has the most features and seemingly best security true telegram has good features & lightweight clients (android clients battery consumer) but the Singapore data centre of telegram is very slow less than 2mb/s seems okay, but I don't see anyone using it, I've never heard of this platform If you're the only person using an app to someone, they're less willing to talk, less availability my all friends use simplex. Its lightweight CLI app and it can be use in linux,mac,linux,android,ios,tv,car,plane,helicopter,tank,submarine,jupiter,earth 811 etc I've never seen anything wrong with telegram, just make sure to open a secret chat. same with anything else. I have about 30 people on xmpp but I never use it because if i want to talk to someone I just use fedi 90% of the time because they're from fedi.
I have 5 people on matrix, 10 people on telegram. 99% of the time I just use discord because it's what people use.

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