Joker was nothing short of fantastic. I mean, I didn’t expect how good it would be.

I’m officially going purple tomorrow… so excited.

Is it me, or did all developers stop writing on Medium and move to Y’all know that still ain’t your blog right? C’mon now.

I feel like I need to designate someone special to clear out my “recently deleted” photo folder when I die…

I’d like to take a moment to give a big 🖕🏽to restraunts that don’t make booths accessible for fat people. Seriously, you suck.

Looks like I won’t be watching SNL this season.

18 years ago today, I was in line for my fourth grade class when I overheard a classmate ask, “did you hear about the hijackers?”

I will forever remember that day.

I watched the first episode of Shrill… parts of it brought me to tears. I love everything they’re trying to do so far.

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