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At this point most of the day to day work necessary to keep #FDroid up and running is contributed by volunteers.

If you like our project you can help too! Here's how to get started contributing:
If you've got enough on your plate already we also accept donations:

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We're very happy to announce a new era in Tor: Arti, a pure-Rust Tor implementation.
Thanks to funding from ZcashOMG, we can finally move the Arti project up in our priorities list!

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Even if you believe that the OpenAI Codex isn't a derivative source work, it is _definitely_ object code under the definition given in the GPL, which means they are still required to open source...

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👩‍🔧 Help Wanted 👷

Dear Fedizens, we need your help..

We want to launch our Humane Tech Translation Program (HTTP) so we can spread info on the state of tech - their harms and solutions - across the world.

I have created a website for the and we want to fork it for this program. We seek helpers for some open issues.

Are you in?
Boosts much appreciated :)

The site to fork lives here:

saumya boosted is a free, lightweight platform where you can launch your (virtual) servers. It is funded by Open Technology Fund (OTF) to facilitate an easy accessible cloud infrastructure.

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Coming soon, in Tor Browser 10.5: improved user experience of connecting to the Tor network. Say goodbye to Tor Launcher. 👋

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FairTEC is committed to creating a harmonious digital ecosystem as well as pushing the boundaries of a and .

Read our manifesto here ⬇️⬇️

@ The Phone Co-op

ReOrganise the Code as much as you like so that some one else coming to contribute can just go through the Code as a documentation.

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Work for value

and other things are bound to follow

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This isn't strictly related to the Fediverse, but if you're interested in decentralised social media you might want to try the peer-to-peer @manyver_se at:

It doesn't have any servers, users connect directly to each other, and store personal data on their computer or phone.

It's part of the Scuttlebutt network, and is an attempt to make it more user friendly for non-technical people.

#Manyverse #Scuttlebutt #SSB

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My personal #mastodon experience still suffers from crossposts from #twitter, with user names that don't make sense in the #fediverse.

I can unfollow crossposter's accounts, but I don't want to unfollow everyone who boosts a twitter crosspost.

Please, #fediverse, let's boost the fediverse, not twitter. If we want to share a good tweet, let's treat it like any other URL from the web.

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stands for Be For Artists. A reminder to develop for the user, not the programmer.

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#mastoart #art #onionshare #onion #share

OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share a file of any size.

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🎉 Owncast 0.0.3 is out! 🎉

This is pretty amazing! An open-source video streaming service that comes with batteries included: live chat, adaptive bitrate streaming, an admin interface.

Think of it as a self-hosted Twitch alternative!



Check out the demo instance:

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