RT @heather28df@twitter.com: *Except actual Native people, we will continue to objectify, stereotype, mock, contribute to their erasure & bully them of course. twitter.com/indians/status/105

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RT @Freeyourmindkid@twitter.com: Can we as a society agree to stop enabling Adam Sandler?

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RT @PrezObama4eva@twitter.com: Police officers in the US were charged with more than 400 rapes over a 9-year period - CNN but don’t say bad things about the 👮‍♀️ tho, cuz most of them r good right? 🤬🙄 bunch of 💩 criminals in uniform is what they r, a big gang apple.news/AbimI_LvjQQOlOhdrdd

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RT @BunnyNut@twitter.com: Team names can be changed - but apparently only if White Europeans are upset. 👇👇 the link below is well worth watching! Thank you for sharing this ❣️ twitter.com/saveelati/status/1

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The rich are not normal, normal people are not rich
These are just facts, but these facts are obscured by the reality that the people most empowered to impact your perception- from news anchors to congressional representatives- are almost all millionaires

RT @jarodcampbell1@twitter.com: @prisonculture@twitter.com @nberlat@twitter.com "Civility" is a call to keep the debate about various problems away from the people causing them

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RT @BstandsforB@twitter.com: @prisonculture@twitter.com They’re also the people who elected a man who said he could shoot someone in the middle of Times Square and still be elected, who praises dictators, applauds violence, and has dozens of accusations of sexual assault.

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RT @prisonculture@twitter.com: The people bleating about *civility* are safely behind the walls of their gated communities with health insurance and safe housing while you're literally 1 paycheck away from ruin. Perhaps they have an interest in constantly raising the issue?

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RT @DelSchilling@twitter.com: Most People Do Not Know this. Native Americans are the only Human Beings that Fall under the Same Department as WILDLIFE.

For People That scoff at this...You can Find this Info On US Government Websites.

The Screenshot Below is From USA .Gov

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RT @lilrednacho@twitter.com: Are you talking about Pocahontas here?

Bitch...SHE WAS MARRIED, not passed around like you’re implying. And she was NEVER sold to white men, white men KIDNAPPED HER you revisionist asinine piece of shit twitter.com/_slutty_spice/stat

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RT @Rahsonkaraket@twitter.com: We are sitting here Dragging settlers for referring to their businesses or our women and girls as Sq**w while some of you on here are o.k. calling others C**T- sorry im not about that . can't do to others what we want then to stop doing to us.

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RT @azurehrebuke@twitter.com: NB folx don't get to define anti-Blackness

NN folx don't get to define anti-Indigenous behavior.

You don't let the oppressor define oppression. That's how they keep oppression alive.

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RT @heather28df@twitter.com: @ImageByPatrick@twitter.com @xodanix3@twitter.com This will be perfect to sell there for Halloween

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RT @BillyArmagh@twitter.com: But you should never, ever take the claims of white nationalist propaganda, like Maxime Bernier is spreading, at face value. Canada’s so-called “ethnic enclaves” are actually MORE diverse than the white suburbs— the real ethnic enclaves— surrounding them. thestar.com/news/immigration/2

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RT @DelSchilling@twitter.com: Look at the Comments...

This is a Statistic.

This is Not a Contest. This is Not Something You want to "Win" twitter.com/CNN/status/9292538

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RT @DelSchilling@twitter.com: Settlers Gained "Freedom of Religion" for Themselves & Murderously Persecuted Native People for already Having that Freedom. ~ @DelSchilling@twitter.com

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RT @heather28df@twitter.com: Some new name suggestions for @thespunkysquaw@twitter.com

~Colonizer’s Fauxtique

~Steal & Unreal Boutique

~Take & Fake Boutique

~Slurs for Sures Boutique

~We’re Racist, Entitled Assholes Boutique

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