We left a life
That's ordinary from the start
We looked for stranger things...

Light was pouring on eye to wake me up in the winter. But the lonely yawning human is too much lazy to describe his feelings to the light.

It's kinda funny! Can't sleep and am trying to be social around the world.
Only when it was quiet night in our time of being a boy, I enjoyed to count the stars. Then missed one at a point, again started to count from beginning.
Now here counting the word. Kinda tragic.
I do hope I were there the night while both were young as the fresh dew at the last night's last drop.

Tried to do something not legal, and there was load shedding. Who win in this case?

আধখানা চাঁদ দেয় উকি আকাশের গায়ে,
শীতে কেবল নড়িচড়ি ডানে আর বায়ে।

Feeling idot after completing the project and reject by the project manager.

Someone is really sweet. So I am searching someone.

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Kinda hilarious to read the keylogger file of someone’s keystrokes and realize how bad their spelling was, pre-autocorrect.

Bad opsec tip: lean on autocorrect so hard that you misspell everything so the keylog is unsearchable.

I want ti be someone or something everyone can recall. But the issue I am not interested to do that.

Feminism is the word I am scared about every time I heard IT.

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