Like a handful of people I’ve tried to rejoin the RSS world. Who’s writing neat stuff right now? Is it you? What’re you enjoying reading? I’m back to enjoying @mathowie and @kottkefeed, but I want to know about the new blogs that just passed me by.

@benward @mathowie Serious question: are there new blogs worth reading anywhere? I can’t remember the last time I found a new blog, period.

@andybaio @benward stratechery was like the only post-2010 new blog I could name.

@mathowie @andybaio I've made an immediate error in phrasing my question: RSS is tech. What I really want is to read interesting stuff, and of course a lot of people have embraced newsletters for that. Should we be conflating those old and new forms?

Pro-conflation: I like that Feedbin has email injestion as a feature (and it's interesting to me that Tiny Letter doesn't do RSS feeds, albeit putting archives on the web.)

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