Police raids 

German police raided homes of members of a privacy group that runs Tor exit nodes.

Their excuse was an unrelated blog called for violence at a right-wing event, this blog uses Riseup email, and the privacy group handles European donations for Riseup.

@jk I tried reading both GEB and Metamagical Themas, but fortunately stopped before I'd sunk too much time into either.

I'm so fucking heartbroken over the Philando Castile verdict. Fuck police and fuck this corrupt racist bullshit we call a justice system.

@ezrijadzia oh! totally understand not getting into his stuff if you started with the first discworld books (colour of magic & light fantastic), but there are some really great ones that center more on class conflict that are really, really fun (guards! guards!). There are some reading guides floating around online that you can check out that are really helpful.

Le Guin is someone who I really need to read, I think I'll pick up The Dispossessed next :)

@ezrijadzia awesome thank you for the tip! Only semi-related, but are you a Terry Pratchett fan? I get the impression that a lot of us geeky leftists like his stuff and he's definitely one of my favorite authors who helped push my worldview more to the left

@ezrijadzia I've read more sci-fi than I've watched. Lately been reading Richard K Morgan's altered carbon trilogy (super problematic when it comes to how he treats female characters, but it has some really interesting anticapitalist themes that surface in later novels). Generally like dystopian sci-fi in the lines of Gibson, but would love to expand my palette!

@ezrijadzia hm, you know now that I think about it, I haven't watched much sci-fi in a long time haha. I was never able to get into Dr. Who, but I started watching The Expanse and BSG and liked those. I've started watching TNG and enjoyed the first few episodes. I think the main issue for me is that it's tough for me to commit the time to watching a series with a lot of episodes.

Guess I can just forget about ever visiting Japan: New law in Japan lets police arrest and surveil those merely planning or discussing certain acts, like copyright violation | Privacy Online News

If you're interested in hearing the stories of other ex-evangelical fundamentalists of various stripes, you might enjoy the Exvangelical Podcast (@exvangelicalpod on Twitter) - many of the guests are still believers of some sort, but the conversations tend to center on the abusive theology of right-wing fundamentalism.

@dixongexpat thanks for sharing. There's a growing ex-fundamentalist movement that's pretty centered on twitter right now. I've found that reaching out to others with a similar background has been really helpful in coming to terms with my own upbringing and eventual departure from that community.


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