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Micah Elizabeth Scott @scanlime@mastodon.social

My boy Tuco is in such a good mood now that he has he place to himself again. The two foster cats have arrived at their new home!

reminder that rust pull request number 42069 was about niceness values

Fresh edit today! A little music video about a little music circuit. youtu.be/7qEkXPC33nI

New video, about an experiment for making flexible keypads at home. youtu.be/zultG4QwgTg

boost if 1 = 1; DROP TABLE `common_sense` --

So it's decided: I'm gonna leave my current job. I just can't take any more of this toxic politicised environment with mob practices.

Anybody knows of any interesting openings for a system/embedded software engineer? I'm in the Silicon Valley and appreciate flexibility.

A boost would be very welcome! Thanks!

Nothing dates sci fi faster than scenes depicting "fun nightlife". It's almost always current ideas of the glamorous life with a shitty "but in the future" paint job. The Stork Club BUT ON MARS! Go-Go dancers in cages BUT IN ZERO G! A warehouse rave BUT WITH ALIEN DRUGS! So tedious.

"Twenty-first-century feminism's primary medium, the diversity critique, has as its functional terminus the 'freedom' of consumers to purchase a picture of a utopia from a company whose interests lie in preventing any of those utopias from occurring."

CW: article is kinder to Germaine Greer than many trans people may be comfortable with; I was uncomfortable with it at first, but came to realize where the author was coming from as it went on.


thou shalt not suffer a witch to live, thou shalt enjoy the fuck out of it cuz witches are rad as hell

Hey it's #caturday!
#mainecoon #kitten for ya.
#milanphoto - hard to find a crispy one...kitten are not simple.

doing a quick poll, boost if u agree with the thing i'm heavily implying is the right option (thus propagating my opinion further), fav if your opinion is wrong

(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻ɐǝɹɐ ʎɐq┻