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Also, Nina Gerber is an awesome guitarist and let's have none of the "for a chick" bullshit.

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@50linesonly@twitter.com @CharlotteAlter@twitter.com Very well said.

Obama took all of our hopes and then gave us a huge sucker punch with them.

If I wanted to be governed like a Republican, I would have VOTED FOR the Republican.

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@CharlotteAlter@twitter.com Pretty sure that the Obama “young voters” aren’t the same voters of today.

That was 12 years ago. And he utterly disbanded his grassroots organization as soon as he took office.

I’d wager to say he’s more responsible for the apathy than anything.

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@yesnicksearcy@twitter.com @Woeletariat@twitter.com @Amanst3r@twitter.com @TuxedoBern@twitter.com @nodank_@twitter.com Seek help. You are neither rich or famous. You sound desperate.

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This is what we call racist. Who wants to let @chelseahandler@twitter.com in on that? twitter.com/brenthbaker/status

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Deleted, but y'all need to stop with this nonsense. It's not ever going to be non-voters or third party voters' fault if the fascists send us to camps. It's going to be the liberals who failed to impeach, stop SC appointments and increased military spending. Jfc.

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Which newspaper has the most number of editorials in support of Pinochet?

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Wrote in Tara Reade for President. on entire ballot. I live in a deep blue state that will elect Biden. If I lived in a swing state, I'd vote Biden. @Rainn@twitter.com @ReadeAlexandra@twitter.com

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Senators from both parties have quarantined for two weeks after being exposed to aides with virus, even after those same senators tested negative. Pence, who tested negative but whose aides have tested positive, will be in the chamber Monday presiding over Barrett vote

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Hell no!

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Pelosi commits to running for Speaker if Democrats retain House hill.cm/fxt5esa

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Any self-respecting progressive in the House should oppose this. Good lord. twitter.com/thehill/status/132

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Then please declare your support for Medicare For All, Mr. Harrison.

Give voters a reason to care about your candidacy. Give them a reason to hope.

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🚨 Mitch McConnell and his "Operation: Rescue Lindsey Graham" is outspending us 3-to-1 in South Carolina!

This is a toss-up, folks, and the other side knows it.

In 10 days, let's show them what the future of South Carolina looks like. twitter.com/rpyers/status/1320

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The Dogs, Saturday Night Live, 1993:

Adam Sandler - Lead Singer
Dana Carvey - Drums
Mike Myers - Guitar
Rob Schneider - Guitar
Robert Smigel - Guitar
Warren Gunnels - Slam Dancer twitter.com/JoshCrewsReally/st

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UNLOCKED 📻 This week’s guest, Lee Weiner, was a defendant in one of the most notorious trials of the 60s—the trial of the Chicago 7 for conspiracy and inciting to riot outside the ‘68 Democratic Nat’l Convention. With hosts @orennimni@twitter.com & @NathanJRobinson@twitter.com. patreon.com/posts/40659979

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I have a lot of appreciation for the work @curaffairs@twitter.com puts in to dealing with and explaining Aaron Sorkin’s bad politics. currentaffairs.org/2020/10/the

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