@scearley I make a point is smearing every concrete surface I see in yoghurt to cultivate moss & lichen


This is literally the shopping center from Nier: Automata holy carp.

@scearley and the future beings will ask: how did these plants build these structures?

@scearley Literally the only way to make brutalist architecture look nice TBH.

@rotor hashtag or it didn't happen ^^
Thanks for the share @scearley , are they your pics ?

Ljubjana has a lot of brutalists buildings with plants grown by inhabitants.

@scearley But what about architecture designed to be consumed by plants? 🤔

This is definitely my favorite aesthetic its fuckin great

@scearley not to be horribly pedantic but being covered in plants or rather being complimentary to the landscape was once a core part of brutalism's ethos (which had the goal of being a humane and humble architecture) but was lost as it was popularized by it's inexpensive building materials and became a staple of government buildings, prisions and office complexes.

@scearley inspired: brutalist architecture incorporating planters and balcony/rooftop gardens and plants into the building deliberately

@scearley after looking at this I can now finally sincerely say that brutalist architecture does NOT suck

@scearley We like brutalist architecture just fine without mutilation from scary plants. Reminds us of home.

But we will grant that buildings mutilated by plants is an aesthetic.

@scearley I'm still in two minds when it comes to brutalism in general. It can look like a 'howling wilderness' (Ben Aaronovitch), but the green patches of Barbican Centre are really beautiful. Here's a bit of the outside landscaping to complement the glas house interior you posted above.

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