- The EU reform threatens Free and Open Source Software. Sign the open letter and !

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I hate it when my body and my brain disagree how tired I am

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2017: people are making fun of the squeeze-bag-juice company
2117: all food is exclusively available from DRM-protected bags, hand-squeezing is prohibited by law

Twidere will get Mastodon support, really looking forward to having just one client for both Twitter and Mastodon

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Have you
Have you heard
Have you heard the
Have you heard the one
Have you heard the one about
Have you heard the one about traceroute?

Gave up on that port to FlexibleAdapter for now, wasn't happy with having to overload my Item class so much.

But I released a new version of OCReader

Should be on FDroid in the next couple days

Just started porting OCReader to use Looking good so far, I just wished that Realm supported inheriting from other classes so I wouldn't have to turn my Item model class into a "Superobject" implementing all viewtypes

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If in a conversation someone tells a word you don't know, do you ask for the meaning or pretend to know it, to not look like an ignorant? I strongly promote asking everything you don't know, it's the only way to stop ignorance, being curious, however, people tend to feel bad about themselves everytime someone explains something to them, like if it's being done with negative intentions, when the whole purpose of explaining, is helping you to know something new. Be better.

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another srs post here, wont be long:

we are happy there are more folks here but FYI newbies, Mastodon's community was founded by gays, trans folx, POC, furries. Not only do we take no BS from Nazis, we won't have you ruining this place for us.

YOU ADJUST TO US. Mic drop 🎤


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