Fake! This Communal Hate Monger is followed by PM Modi.
Hyd rape accused are not minors, They were not given fictional Hindu identities by @cyberabadpolice. Even In a press note issued by police, the age of the all the four accused is mentioned. None of the accused is below 18. twitter.com/MeenaDasNarayan/st …

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The Tvm Press Club Secretary just got arrested. This happened only because a bunch of women journalists from @NWM_India@twitter.com stood together. He barged into the house of our colleague, moral policed and assualted her. If you touch one of us, we wil retaliate. No longer your fiefdom

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Affluence and 'education' seems to keep in place rigid and biased beliefs, instead of actually opening-up people's hearts and worldviews.

@scharada There are a quiet a few here.
Today a few min back a girl wants to do UPSC because she wants to change from within.

A group has been created to help create an App to improve women safety.

Another disscusion about how to do a seed balls to increase fruit plants across India. Become a source of free food. The experiment is already on in a farm.

Been trying to connect different people according to their needs. Do try following a lot more accounts and get into conversation.

@scharada Definetly yes. Not just a work but our duty towards the constitution.

Converse here regularly and have found that though there are enough protest happening they are all fragmented even when they are fighting the same enemy.

Still conversing.

I yearn for dialogue with young people of sense. I feel cheered when I see that many of them see through the designs of this violence and hate-mongering regime. I feel bruised for them, because so many seem to be suffering deep levels of anxiety, including my own children. In dreams, I see myself having many conversations with young people. I hope 2020 brings a chance to make those moments real. I hope I am able to make my voice count for love and tolerance b4 I am declared a non-citizen. end

Today, any talk of our 'tolerant' civilisation, or our heritage of satya and ahimsa makes me feel sickened to the stomach. I have begun to see my childhood and youth having been lived in a safe and illusory world. This was the reality waiting to bite us all along - that we are among the planet's most hate-filled, angry people. 5/

Are bleak economic conditions making people more violent and angry? Does rewarding of violence like the garlanding of lynch mobs by ministers send a message for more violence? When will our people tire of hate and violence? I have learnt to look at the old man on the currency note with new respect. Did Mahatma Gandhi emphasise 'ahimsa' so much because he was aware that we needed to free ourselves first and foremost from our inherent violence, fed by the acceptance of caste based inequalities? 4

Whatever else may be the achievements of the present regime - their single most visible contribution to our present day history has to be the normalization and even glorification of all forms of violence. In their speeches, in their actions, in parliament and outside of it. Our discourse has never been awash with so much talk of beheading, rape, lynching, and yes, war, as it is at present. Under this government, our country resembles a macabre, violent video game from which there is no escape. 3

How much more violent will we become, is a question that arises in my mind every single day for some time now. Men want to savage a woman, any woman, any chance they get, it appears. Women want men to hang, or be lynched for their crimes. Lynching is also happening, but not of rapists. 'Maaro, maaro!' seems to be the cry arising from millions of Indians, and if violence has taken such deep root among us, I worry about the decades of serious work it will take to talk of peace and goodwill again.2

With the Unnao horror coming so soon after the rape and murder in Hyderabad, it is clear that rapists have set a new formula for themselves - rape and set victim on fire. On Sunday December 1, the Indian Express had 4 rape related headlines on page 3, one of a rape victim being burnt in Sambhal, another of the rape of a 7 year old. Since then, the clamour for the death penalty and lynching have overtaken the daily reports of rape from all corners of the country. 1/

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The conspiracy theorist in me feels that BJP MPs and Ministers have been specifically instructed to give stupid statements so that the energy of public outrage is directed toward onion, traffic jam, etc. and away from the dangerous Citizenship Amendment Bill. 😐

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If there is Auto Sector slowdown, then why are there Traffic Jams on the roads...❓ The Competition for the Most Stupid among BJP leaders just got more Intense...

God I can't wait for this wretched decade to end.

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उन्नाव पीड़िता के स्वास्थ्य समाचार से मन आहत है। ईश्वर से प्रार्थना है कि पीड़िता जल्द स्वस्थ हो।

कल भाजपा सरकार का बयान था यूपी में सब ठीक है। आज एक बयान और आया। लेकिन क़ानून व्यवस्था के बारे में झूठी बयानबाज़ी व झूठा प्रचार करने की ज़िम्मेदारी CM और उप्र सरकार की ही है।

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Went to attend a protest. Got dragged and asked to speak. Protest by the ABMSU against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

BJP-RSS eats onions only when they are in opposition.
Outrage when onions sold at Rs 60/kg
Silence when onions now sell at >Rs 100/kg

Like CM Modi recommended, "THROW OUT a govt that has snatched onions from the people"

"Why are people afraid to question your govt? You are creating an environment of fear"
"Everybody knows Godse killed Gandhi"
Rahul Bajaj tells Shah that fear, social strife & authoritarianism is bad for business & the economy. That's what DrMMS said.

India is Great..... Where thousands of Nribhaya, Asifa, Priyanka and rosa weeping daily on that "Greatness"

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