Work is an endless repeat of "I think X would be more fun" and then when X comes true, I think "I think Y would be more fun". Grass is always greener somewhere else in my mind.

When did I find myself in the land of pitching

Probably says something when I have trouble answering "List your proudest accomplishments". Do I feel proud about anything 🤔

So broken. These days I spend my money on trying to fix brokenness. 😂

Got a whole bunch of free lapcheong at an event. Made some with pan fried cabbage last night – TOO GOOD but so baaaad. Time to make some HK style baozaifan 😂

Junji Ito manben 

Just watched the Junji Ito Manben episode. Man, does he have patience. He’s totally ok and used to spending like 6+ hours on one single frame/page. Such admirable patience and dedication. Also such a chill person despite what he draws hahaha

Thank you, Uni Ball Signo in white, because I don’t think I own functioning whiteout anymore lol

I will never understand why Dark Horse decided to name Blade of the Immortal volumes by titles and not numbers. This makes it impossible to know what the order of the volumes are without having to Google for it. Someone please tell me why they did this.

Cleaning ... or denial? 

Gradually konmari-ing the house... and just general tidying up of things I’ve neglected for months/year that are actually sitting in dust. Such a slow process but I feel really accomplished and happy after! I feel like once the house is clean then I’ll have no excuse but to do my own things (e.g. hobbies or work). Or is this really just an escape from that like how art was from studying during school... 😐

Finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new printer cuz the old one just didn't have the functions I am looking for. I excitedly dragged the printer (giant box) into my office and then realized I couldn't lift the printer off the floor onto the table with these beansprout arms. So much for that excitement lol


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