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ur favorite musician except instead of dropping the album they drop their kin list

bpd help! 

masto is just a big discord server with 3000 channels and that's ok.

i wish i had more friends my age like everyone except for one person that i hang out with us 45+ like i’m 19 aren’t i too young for that?????? you’d think??

Mastodon is fun as someone with adhd as it's a very instant gratification rapid fire posting kinda site. Weird that sasuke is on here claiming to be president tho

not to be That Indian but all westerns are bad and Yes this includes the gay ones.

wholesome content MAPs and TERFs do not interact 

straights will be forgiven if they give me 50$

hello youtube it’s three am and i can’t sleep click like and subscribe for more content



sad on main/child abuse mention 

tonight’s actually been a super bad night so imma knock tf out

i played dreidel today and won like 15 butterscotch hard candies

Who's gonna bite the bullet and DM and become my new Tootual BFF

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