FYI it looks like registrations to the instance have been temporarily closed

@anarschtroumpf :thumbsup: I boosted him. I logged out mostly to see what the sign up screen looked like, and thought others would be curious.

I guess it's one way to promote decentralization!

@schlink @lmorchard
> Ctrl-f gnu
> 0 results
> Ctrl-f ostatus
> 0 results
> "Most people in Rochko’s situation fired off an angry tweet or two and moved on. Rochko set about rebuilding Twitter from scratch."

@schlink @lmorchard @sarahjeong that's a bit better, but mixes up the terminology too. Oh well, it's just a tech publication, I guess you'll have to cut them some slack.
@schlink @lmorchard @sarahjeong also, completely missing the point again, but at least mentioning gnu social.
@lambadalambda @schlink @sarahjeong @lmorchard Can confirm, I've seen Nazis haunting the tubes. That policy by Mastodon is fine, but assuming it federates properly I can't see how can totally avoid Nazi content.
@sarahjeong @lmorchard @schlink well, I don't want to be flippant, I'll send you a proper reply later.

@schlink I wanted to make a "fake news" joke, but I can't make it funny. Honestly it's nice to see you here :grin:

@lambadalambda I was thinking the same thing. "rebuild twitter from scratch" LOLOL I built an app 7 years ago using pretty much the exact federated protocols

I registered on an other instance...

@claudegohier yep, I think you chose well!

How is the lag currently? Thinking of slowly switching...

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