COBOL - Built to Last

In this sense, COBOL and its scapegoating show us an important aspect of high tech that few in Silicon Valley, or in government, seem to understand. Older systems have value, and constantly building new technological systems for short-term profit at the expense of existing infrastructure is not progress. In fact, it is among the most regressive paths a society can take.

Happy that today's electronic music has fewer bongos.

Salome Viljoen is currently writing some of the most thorough critiques of the push to turn data into individual property or a human right. There is a better path forward and she outlines it here:

Gallery 404 is proud to add two artworks originally commissioned by the seminal organization, Turbulence: "Snuff" by Harris Skibell and Damon Horowitz and "Vocabulary" by X Baczewska.

These pieces were pioneering interactive audio/visual artworks. Neither work on contemporary machines without special software (Java applet & Shockwave, respectively). I especially enjoy "Vocabulary" as a way to experience music/concrete poetry.

Been purchasing more music in the last year. After a few rounds through my collection, I'm even more grateful for the all-you-can-eat options the internet provides today.

@theruran - just saw your ClojureScript frontend for ActivityPub ( Pretty cool! Have you done other fed work in Clojure?

So happy to see Alan Turing on the £50 note. He was incredibly imaginative and lived beyond the limits set by society. A hero of mine.

Loving @noeldemartin's "Freedom Calculator." A funny, empirical way of deciding how much time you have left to do what you want:

👀 Looking for a graphic designer/illustrator to help with a few initiatives at Gallery 404 ( ) and Beyond the Frame ( Please RT and send me any portfolios you admire!

"Safari is now probably the influential wild card browser for user privacy" by Chris Siebenmann

Not sure I agree 100% with the article, but it is true that Safari is now the non-Chromium browser with the most influence. Firefox certainly has influence at the standards bodies, but Safari can say "jump" and web developers have to say "how high?" According to, Firefox's market share has dropped from 4.58% to 3.76% in the last year.

I've been charting & reporting on COVID-19 in Turin, Italy for the last year. I started this local effort because our region was often overshadowed by mighty Milan.

But the problem has evolved & I'm retiring the notebook today. Thanks for reading. Here's the final update:

Huh, claims, "Steampunk is the promise of industrial-scale production with artisanal-style work." Not wrong... but surprising. Interview with This Machine Kills:

Auth0 did for identity what AWS did for server infrastructure. Ignoring the crazy evaluations, Okta's $6.5B purchase of Auth0 makes a lot of sense. Moreso than IBM and MicroSoft, they have a good Web 2.0 solution. The question is the Next Web.

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