This film documents personal computing and education within the Soviet Union. Astonishing how much of the software is in English.

Very happy to have checked into @jeschust's Chicago Dog website on Getting the latest, post-COVID:

I'm working with a team on a new product (more on that soon) for managing your identity online. We would love to have your input in this short survey (< 5 minutes). Thanks in advance!

“Attention is a limited resource, so pay attention to where you pay attention.” ~ Howard Rheingold

Current identity solutions are full of needless friction. They have barely evolved since the Compatible Time-Sharing System at 1960s MIT.

@cadey offers some useful perspective at 'A Model for Identity in Software' by

If Plato comes out of his cave and sees his shadow we'll have 4 more months of perceptual imprisonment

Charles Babbage wrote ~24 programs in the late 1840s for a computer that has never been built or digital modelled: the Analytical Engine.

Museums continue to preserve unrunnable software created for a theoretical machine. Computing is strange and beautiful.

The rational mind ends at the paradox. This is where the poetic minds begins.

A guide to oneness through gurus, psychedelics, and the hidden code in Jordan Mechner's classic game "Karateka." My reflections on Ram Dass' 1971 classic, "Be Here Now."

A quick update on what I'm working on, with videos of my recent talks at JupyterCon and the Nexa Center, information about Gallery 404, and a few other projects:

Today marks a new addition to Gallery 404's illustrious collection of broken net art. "This and that thought." by BFFA3AE.

Gallery 404 exhibits the digital debris of the digital natives. A new experiment by yours truly - a space to show what we have lost to time.

In our latest episode on we discussed her concept of 'Eyes on the Street', and the way that social norms in high density areas create secure communities, based on her time living in Greenwich Village, Manhattan in the 1950s. Listen to this clip from the episode now 🦻

I've added some advice for sourcing ethically distributed eBooks. If you're an avid reader, please take a look and tell me what I've missed.

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