I've added some advice for sourcing ethically distributed eBooks. If you're an avid reader, please take a look and tell me what I've missed. schmud.de/pages/about.html#ebo

"The Open Goldberg Variations" a CC0 recording of Bach's masterpiece by Kimiko Ishizaka opengoldbergvariations.org/

“Everything which exists or which can be thought must be compounded of parts." ~ Leibniz

It's that terrible time of the year for an American ex-pat: when much of Europe has adjusted for Daylight Savings but the USA isn't moving until next week. Total chaos.

This week's Internet Identity Workshop was a fascinating experience! My recap of the ideas and technology that will shape the future of our internet identity - from cautious optimism to dystopic warnings schmud.de/posts/2020-10-24-iiw.

🎨 Preserving net.art forces us to confront fundamental questions in computer science and our approach to both programming and cultural preservation.

A few reflections on my most recent talk at the Nexa Institute and the writings of Philip Agre. schmud.de/posts/2020-10-21-sof

Reminder that FedEx "SmartPost" and UPS "Mail Innovations" are private companies using the ubiquitous delivery of the United States Post Office for handling their last-mile deliveries.

In other words, it's not cost-effective enough for them to send a truck to deliver your package so their "Smart" and "Innovative" way of handling this is to make it the post office's problem.

Whenever someone says that the Post Office isn't efficient please remind them of these "Smart" "Innovations"

mreply 61 The curse of a creative mind. Best of luck resisting.

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

English words for groups of things are weird.

It's different for every group: herd of cows, school of fish, murder of crows, clusterfuck of tories.


“We are all connected. Difference is only the unknown. For a database poet and a hypertext researcher, that much was obvious. Links are what is waiting to be found, by those with the patience to pull the threads: backwards, forwards, anywhere.” from “Women Hypertext” are.na/blog/women-in-hypertext

Worth the read based on the title alone. "Technology is not neutral. Just ask the artists" by @jonippolito


A list of open source projects to "help improve wellbeing, freedom and society" from the @humanetech community:


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